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Prior to November 2015 

Martin Engineering’s global organization was segmented into 18 individual business units and a corporate management team. Interaction, communication, and collaboration between business units was minimal or non-existent.
November 2015 

Martin Engineering underwent a structural reorganization that saw the dissolution of the corporate management group with the integration of personnel into a single, cohesive USA business unit. International business units were grouped into four global regions with full P&L responsibilities for each region. A new president and team of USA business group directors was promoted from within, providing the newly reconfigured organization fresh leadership and vision for a better future.
Journey 2
March 2016

The newly appointed president and team of USA directors gather together in an offsite meeting in Chicago to begin building the foundation of a new company culture that will shape and guide the trajectory of the business. The SUCCESS document is established and introduced organization-wide as the cornerstone of the new culture that will be at the heart of every decision going forward.
September 2016 

As the new culture continues to take shape and infuse into daily life within the company, the decision was made to take the next step to develop a Why and How statement for the organization. A group of twenty-three employees spend two intense and emotional days developing the organization’s new Why Statement under the guidance of facilitators at Barry-Wehmiller. The group also establishes the 6 Hows, identifying the ways by which Martin teammates are able to achieve their best day and the notion that “Everybody Matters.”
January 2017
Martin Engineering adopts Barry-Wehmiller’s three-day Listen Like A Leader course as a gift offered to any and all employees around the world. Classes are held at Martin’s global Center For Innovation R&D facility at the USA headquarters.
March 2018 

After completing intensive instructor training with Barry-Wehmiller, a pair of Martin employees teach the first self-instructed Listen Like A Leader course at Martin Engineering.