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 Prior to the reorganization of Martin Engineering, the team was divided into two separate groups: USA and Corporate. These groups were located in the same building and worked side-by-side but rarely overlapped, and hardly ever interacted. A change was desperately needed.

Untitled-2-1In 2015, a group individuals from Martin attended a seminar hosted by St. Louis-based Barry-Wehmiller. These classes are designed to assess the state of the incoming team and work with them to develop a people-oriented culture. 

The employees who attended the Barry-Wehmiller classes worked with a facilitator to learn better ways to interact with one another. The attendees brought back what they learned and committed to bettering the Martin workplace. By implementing a new way to communicate, this also brought with it the development of an entirely new culture. 

The Martin culture developed into a system that would benefit employees, and in turn, radiate out to the surrounding community. In March of 2016, a group of directors sit together to determine how the culture of the company will act as a basis for Martin’s Values. The formation of the values and solidification of goals led to the idea of SUCCESS. This acronym is an extension of the Martin culture and lays out the seven values that we strive to live by every day. 

As the values and SUCCESS of Martin started to permeate through the company, and the new collaborative culture started to take root, it wasDevelopment time to develop a Why Statement and determine our purpose. During September of 2016, twenty-three employees spent over two days developing the Purpose and Why Statement of Martin Engineering. The collaboration also led to the steps of how each person at Martin Engineering could have Their Best Day. 

Over the months, the culture in the workplace grew as more individuals started to participate. The next year, in 2017 Martin employees focus on improving themselves so that they’re able to be an asset to the community around them. One of the ways self-improvement is practiced is through the implementation of Listen Like A Leader classes. These are three-day-long classes that help participants learn not only how to be better listeners, but overall better communicators. Additional programs like Martin University and Martin Wellness are offered to employees as a way for them to improve both mentally and physically. 

Using all of the tools provided, Martin employees have worked together to implement better methods of communication with astounding results. By working together and improving ourselves, we are able to better service the community around us, and communities all across the world. Because the best results always start with the best people. 

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