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Understand your conveyors to maximize your operation

Most common, persistent material conveying problems are the result of simple issues that, once properly identified and understood, can be easily and effectively corrected.

Common Problems

Issues such as carryback, spillage, dust, material flow, belt mistracking, etc., not only create headaches but lead to lower production, greater risk for accidents, and increased cost of operation.


Fugitive Material

Fugitive material is costly, dirty, dangerous, and is too widely accepted when there are simple solutions available.


Safety Hazards

Keeping operations and employees safe is essential, reduce your hazards!

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Material Flow

Keep material flowing efficiently and prevent unnecessary blockages and shutdowns.


Equipment Damage

Unresolved material handling issues can lead to underperforming equipment as well as premature equipment failure.

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Martin Experts

We have the knowledge and experience to identify simple solutions to commonly-faced problems in the bulk-materials handling industry.

With over 75 years as a leader in the bulk-materials handling industry, we have seen just about everything when it comes to conveyors.

  • Our fully-trained and certified field experts provide insight, expertise, and an objective point of view to help keep your conveyors running optimally. 

  • Our crew visits sites all over the world and specialize in just this - making sure the right areas are being focused on to keep operations running at maximum efficiency. All Martin crew members are up-to-date on OSHA, MSHA, First Aid, CPR, AED, Fall Protection, Confined Space, and Aerial Lift training.


Factory-Trained and Certified Specialists

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Over 75 years of Problem-Solving Experience


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Conveyor Inspection Program Reduces Costs & Improves Safety

“A conveyor is a complex system of interlinked components. If even one component or subsystem stops functioning, processes both upstream and downstream will be affected, potentially leading to an unexpected shutdown or worse. In a large facility, even a fraction of a percent of system availability could be measured in millions of dollars."


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Proper Maintenance is Crucial

Regularly inspecting and properly maintaining conveyors increases production, reduces safety hazards, and lowers cost of operation. Stay on top of maintenance tasks and look for areas of improvement to enhance productivity and safety.


Improper Contact

Watch to learn about the potential issues improper contact of the conveyor belt to the return roller can cause.


Belt Mistracking

There are so many reasons belts mistrack, here's a quick recap of just a few.


Proper Conveyor Guarding

Watch to see if your conveyor is safely and accurately guarded.


Belt Cleaner Maintenance

See the most commonly-overlooked issue concerning belt cleaner maintenance.


Belt Support

See why idler spacing is very important when supporting and sealing a belt.


Reduce Risk of Injury

Check out these 5 tips to improve the safety of your operation.

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What are your top tips for conveyor maintenance?

By Tim P. O'Harran

When I'm out in the field, I get asked this question a lot. My answer isn't always short and sweet because conveyor maintenance can be more complex than you think. But here is ...

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To what extent does proper maintenance - or lack thereof - impact the overall operational picture?

By Tim P. O'Harran

When conveyors don't operate efficiently...
they force unplanned stoppages and outages, release large quantities of fugitive materials, and require more maintenance. Emergency breakdowns, cleaning of excessive spillage, and reactive maintenance all contribute to an inefficient and unsafe workplace.

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Fugitive Material

By Lee Mueller

Fugitive Material. Piles. Ant Hills. Mounds. Carryback. Many terms are used but they all mean the same thing to those working in the bulk material handling industry = a nuisance and annoyance that needs to be cleaned up. Not only does fugitive material cost time and money, it is a safety hazard.

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Maintenance Service Contracts:
Optimizing Conveyor Uptime and Reducing Costs

"Technological advancements in bulk handling equipment over the last few decades have increased throughput and reduced downtime, while limiting worker exposure to hazards. However, at some point the system always requires a real person to assess issues, make decisions, and implement proper solutions."

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_MG_0031_150Eliminate the need for guesswork, regulatory noncompliance, and internal resources spending time and money on maintenance.

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