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January 1

We survived the holidays! Articles for this week's issue include protecting you and your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide, the history of New Year's resolutions, Uber's innovative new air taxi service, and a couple of sea lions taking a boat for a joy ride. Also look back on Martin Engineering's season of giving during Operation: Santa Drop and how we support our troops.

January 17 Archive Page Img

Do you have cabin fever? We are trying to stay healthy this flu season by stopping by the Martin clinic. We are also staying safe by reviewing winter storm safety tips and taking a look at manufacturing culture, advancements in mineral surveying, and listening to our pets' favorite music. 

Chelsea Kari Super Bowl

We're ready for the big game! Some people watch for the gameplay and others just for the commercials, but either way, we're going to have a good time. In this issue, we look at ways to prevent sports injuries, a brief history of sports, cutting-edge tech in the NFL, and some funny Super Bowl moments.

Valentines Archive Kari Chelsea

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Kari loves it while Chelsea could do without. This time around we're embracing February and looking at heart health and Valentine's Day traditions. 

Archive Packing Kari Chelsea

We're busy packing for CONEXPO-CON/AGG and we're ready to travel. Check out this newsletter for some helpful travel tips as well as memory hacks so you can remember the names of everyone you meet! We also feature a video giving a sneak peek of what's in store for Martin Engineering at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020!

Vegas Archive Kari Chelsea Booth

Viva Las Vegas! We made it to Vegas for CONEXPO-CON/AGG and we're ready to showcase our new and innovative products. In this issue, we look at all things Vegas. From safety to humor, Vegas has it all. Check it out!

March 2 Chelsea Kari Zoom

You guessed it: we're working from home. That seems to be the case for a lot of people these days so Kari and Chelsea (and our new co-workers) are officially here to help. In this issue we look at coping with stress, staying in touch with friends and co-workers from home, and a fun alternative to sports...marble racing!

Kari Chelsea Beach Day

Here are some ways to have fun while social distancing. Places to go and projects to do to pass the time in quarantine. We couldn't make our way to the beach so we had our own beach day at home!

Kari Chelsea Spring Sprung

Spring has Sprung! With nicer weather and being home, we are finding more time to get outdoors. Chelsea is busy checking for calves and Kari (with some help) is getting her landscaping ready! We look at gardening safety, and how it can bring communities together. 



January 2019 Cropped

This winter brought us one of the coldest winters on record for Illinois. In this issue, we focus on the cost of workplace injuries, becoming a better communicator, new smart devices, a news story of a thwarted vandal, and the kickoff of the Martin Motion robotics season!

February 2019 Cropped

Chocolate makes everything better! Even a cold winter. In this issue, we look at the health impacts that come with welding fume exposure, 3 ways you can improve your workplace culture, the top 10 coolest gadgets to come in 2019, a bathroom "bomb," and Martin Engineering's contributions to Junior Achievement.  

March 2019 Cropped

March Madness is upon us and we are thinking Spring! We have 5 tips for working in the rain, 6 ways to become a better listener, a look at FedEx's "SameDay Bot," a news story about an unexpected welfare check, and a look at Martin Engineering's brand evolution over the last 75 years. 

April 2019 Cropped

April showers bring May flowers! With all this rain we bring you an article to help you stay safe in floodwaters, 6 tips to reduce your workplace stress, 5 ways technology will change the world, a funny story from a frightened woman, and a video showing how we reduce stress at Martin.

May 1 2019 Cropped

Happy May Day! Now that it's warmer we bring you 10 outdoor safety tips for spring, 3 daily actions that set the tone for your workplace culture, a self-docking boat, a funny typo, and some Martin Engineering honey money.

May 2 2019 Cropped

It's national Bike Safety Month. Always remember to wear proper PPE! This issue we've got a third-grader who saves her best friend's life, 6 ways to build a safety culture, one-day delivery from Amazon, some hilarious autocorrects, and a look at the Martin Boot-lift Railcar Connector.

June 1 2019 Cropped

Spending the warmer days outside at an Aggregate Plant! With the warmer weather, mosquitos are a big problem, in this issue find out how to get rid of mosquitos in your yard, how culture is shaping value change in construction, a solar cooler that uses the sun to keep your drinks cold, a perfect ad for a used car, and Martin Engineering's sponsorship of the 2019 Black Hawk College Welding Invitational. 

June 2 2019 Cropped

Spending some time out at Martin Field. In this issue, we look at 18 tips for staying cool on the job site, 5 keys to boosting workplace culture in manufacturing, 15 emerging agricultural technologies, workers performing an escaped lion drill at a zoo, and of course a video for the season opener at Martin Field!

July 1 2019 Cropped

This month we introduced our new BOOM! program to recognize special moments happening in our Martin Family. We highlight the sounds of summer, 6 ways to change your work culture, 22 ideas that will change the world, a good way NOT to save time on your commute, and a closer look at the BOOM! program.

July 2 2019 Cropped

We didn't start the fire. This month we learn how to avoid ticks and the diseases they carry, 10 ways to improve employee engagement in manufacturing, 6 new technologies in waste management, 17 tweets that prove kids ask the funniest questions, and a look at Martin's participation in the Adopt-A-Highway program.

August 1 2019 Cropped

We can't wait for Kari's baby to make an appearance! August is back-to-school month so we make sure to take a look at school safety. We also highlight 5 ways to communicate better at work, 7 ways AI is driving manufacturing, mysterious In-N-Out burger in Queens, and Martin Engineering's employee fire extinguisher training.

August 2 2019 Cropped

75 YEARS! To celebrate 75 of Martin Engineering, we surprised employees with new shirts. We present articles illustrating the risks of long workdays, 3 ways to improve communication at your plant, shatterproof phone screens, mystery TVs on Virginia porches, and a Martin kickball game at Martin Field.

September 1 2019 Cropped

Happy Labor Day weekend and congrats to Kari on the birth of her baby girl! Today we look at home eye safety awareness month, 5 better listening skills, robots in the 2020 Olympics, a viciously over-priced television with hilarious reviews, and the Martin Engineering farmers market.

September 2 2019 Cropped

The 75th Anniversary party got competitive with a mechanical bull riding competition. Along with our celebration, we look at health and safety tips for camping, 6 ways to promote a positive workplace culture, 5G technology in underground mining, a man who parks his smart car in the kitchen, and a recap of the mechanical bull challenge. 

October 1 2019 Cropped

We are thinking pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. In this issue, we have fall weather safety tips, the secret to success for big businesses, John Deere's smart lawnmower, funny tweets from dads, and a closer look at Martin Engineering's pink campaign. 

October 2 2019 Cropped

Throwback to our costumes from 2018 while we get into the Halloween spirit. Take a look at these articles about Halloween safety, having fun at work, smart heavy machinery, the finalists of the wildlife photography awards, and a video of Martin Engineering's cannons for a cause.

November 1 2019 Cropped

Check out our 2019 group Halloween costume! For the month of November, we're looking at what to wear for colder outdoor work, 3 daily actions to shift workplace culture, rats driving cars, a man blowing up his back yard, and the unveiling of the Martin Museum.

November 2 Cropped

This week we launched the Martin Blog!

As the seasons change once again, we review safe winter driving tips, take a look at mining innovation, watch a robot solve a Rubik's Cube with one hand, and see a response to a boy's message in a bottle. Also, watch our recap video of Momma P's Pink Day where Martin Engineering raised $2,435.70 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

November 3 Cropped

Kari is back and the dynamic duo is back in action! This issue's articles include a look at sleep deprivation, 6 tips to build a positive safety culture at your company, an innovative approach to modern mining, a dog driving a car, and a cameo of the Martin® Twist™ Tensioner in Elon Musk's latest endeavor! 

December 1 Cropped

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! It's Chelsea! Review some safety tips for decorating over the holidays, celebrating the holidays at work, some cool gear to keep you warm, and a mystery in Las Vegas surrounding some very fashionable birds. And a huge thank you to everyone who has been with us over our 75 years in business.