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Now Available: Martin® Replacement Blades for Richwood® Belt Cleaners

Take advantage of a risk-free trial today!

Cleans Better • Lasts Longer • Costs Less

Martin® Replacement Blades for Richwood® 1C and 1C-ITC Belt Cleaners are guaranteed to last up to twice as long as original Richwood blades while delivering superior cleaning performance at a lower cost.

Try a 30-day risk-free trial

Take advantage of this offer and we'll provide blades completely free of charge. If the blades don't meet or exceed your expectations after 30 days, you pay nothing.


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Martin®-grade quality and performance, mine-grade construction and durability

Cleans Better

Genuine Martin® Replacement Blades deliver the industry-leading cleaning performance the Martin brand is known for.

Lasts Longer

Superior materials and construction deliver longer wear life than original Richwood® blades in the same applications.

Costs Less

World-class manufacturing delivers higher quality components at a lower cost, maximizing your ROI.

Direct Retrofit

Martin® Replacement Blades for Richwood® 1C and 1C-ITC Belt Cleaners directly retrofit onto your existing Richwood mainframes and tensioners, requiring no modifications or new installations.

Local Support & Service

Martin® Replacement Blades are backed by factory-trained Martin® Service Technicians providing routine inspections and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and maximum ROI.

Richwood® is a registered trademark of Richwood Industries, Inc., Huntington, WV. Martin Engineering is not affiliated with or authorized by Richwood Industries.


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