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10:00 am CST

Learn How To Prevent Belt Mistracking


What you will learn:


How to identify and prevent 14 reasons conveyor belts mistrack

orange-check-circleMethods of ineffective versus effective belt tracking 

orange-check-circleHow low-tension areas of the belt affect tracking procedures

orange-check-circleHow belt tracking devices assist in belt tracking

Tracking a conveyor belt correctly seems to plague every bulk material handling operation. Belts that mistrack will become prematurely damaged, cause material spillage, and increase labor and maintenance hours.

In most facilities, a worker will make repetitive and ineffective adjustments to the tail pulley trying to solve the problem of mistracking.
This webinar will focus on the correct strategies to keep the belt running straight. It will cover operating conditions that cause the belt to mistrack and how to prevent it. Belt-tracking device installation, placement, and effectiveness will also be discussed.

After attending and implementing the concepts covered in this webinar, you will greatly reduce belt mistracking problems.

DSC06213b_LowRes-1Each attendee will receive a link for a free download of Martin Engineering’s publication, FOUNDATIONS™. The Practical Resources for Cleaner, Safer, More Productive Dust and Material Control- Fourth Edition, Martin Engineering (2009).

For nearly 20 years, Martin Engineering’s Foundations™ books have taught industry personnel to operate and maintain clean and safe belt conveyors. The book includes a thorough discussion on topics and techniques for enhancing the performance of belt conveyors.