with the new Martin® Impacting Railcar Opener

High-speed, high-torque opener strong enough to quickly open/close even the most stubborn gates

 Superior maneuverability & ease of operation

Martin® Impacting Railcar Opener

A high-speed / high-impact pneumatic opener that quickly opens and closes hopper car gates.

  • Impacting tool can be greased to extend the life of internal wear parts

  • Adjustable to accommodate varying capstan height

  • Large, flat-free tires provide easy maneuverability on any surface

  • Wheels pivot with the pull of a lever to allow for lateral movement 

  • Handle is adjustable, making controls suitable for various operators

Technical Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Operator's Manual
News Release
News Release


Safely open/close stubborn unloading gates without damaging equipment.

  • Quickly & efficiently open/close gates
  • Single operator use
  • Impacting & non-impacting models available
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Railcar Vibrator


Improve material flow by activating compacted material. 

  • Achieve complete unloading
  • Eliminate banging on cars
  • Models to suit your specifications
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Contain material by connecting railcars and trucks to unloading systems.

  • Reduce airborne dust & spillage
  • Increase safety by keeping workers away from cars

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